Film production can be daunting.

Many a filmmaker will be facing production issues with their projects for the first time with no experience in how things are supposed to be. It often helps to seek the advice of experts experienced in the task at hand to help by assessing the situation and providing gentle guidance through so you can complete your goals successfully with confidence.

Having experience and contacts in nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process britida can provide consultant services to help understand and evaluate your proper expectations, duties and responsibilities for the various aspects along the production trail. A knowledgable assist is sometimes all you need to be successful in the next steps along the path.


It is seldom pointed out but always true that the most amount of time spent on a good film is spent in pre-production.

The pre-production process is key to ensuring the smoothest production flow. Spending time and energy in pre-production when the financial strains and time pressures are so much less demanding will ensure that you are prepared for the intense decision making and unexpected events that occur when a couple hundred people and lots of money are waiting on you. Spending the efforts in pre-production to get ready for all that’s to come is the secret to production and post-production success.

britida is well versed in all the pre-production processes that ensure the smoothest production days. Whether it’s script development, casting, scouting and securing locations, budgeting and scheduling, or all the business elements of dealing with unions, pay roll and all the rest, britida has the resources available to set the groundwork for a successful production from first day of principle photography to wrap party.


The beating heart and greatest measure of success of any film project is the frantic activity and creative cloud we call production.

Production is the coming together of hundreds of individuals over a drastically brief period of time to collaborate in giving life to a film project. Dozens of specialized professions must synchronize efforts and abilities in a high pressure atmosphere in order to wrest creative substance out of chaos. A chink in any armor and the entire endeavor could be derailed with dire consequences.

britida is well experienced in delivering the highest quality of contributions within the intensity, pressure and rapidly evolving nature of the days of production. Producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound and the myriad of other essential departments all performing in harmony and delivering what is necessary to complete a successful film shoot is well within the services we can render. If you need a full crew or just key personnel elements, britida is primed to deliver a stellar production experience.


It is said that a film is made three times, first on the page, second on the set and finally in post-production.

Post-production is an extremely significant part of any successful film project. Proper respect for what beneficial post-production services can add to a film is key to finding the very best within a film, and is essential to delivering the best a film can be. Understanding and planning for the benefits of good post-sound, color grading and film finishing elements will separate the best filmmakers from the also-rans. Taking as much care with post-production as you have with pre-production and production allows your project to be its best.

britida has decades of experience in the areas of post-production. From the main elements of editing, both picture and sound through color grading down to preparing deliverables for distribution, we’ve honed the skillsets necessary to give the project the brightest shine as it is readied to reach its audience. Our skill sets even delve into post areas that are rarities to find, like dialog editing, to make sure that every possible angle of improving your project are available as options.